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This is a screen full of slowly rotating clock hands which, at a first glance, look randomly distributed. However, they are cleverly arranged such that for every full hour some of the hands line up to display the hour’s digit.

You may slide your finger down or up on the screen to move the time forward or backward to explore the other digits. The clock automatically switches back to the current time when you release the finger.

Inspired by an installation of Christiaan Postma.


  • iOS widgets: add the clock to your iPhone home screen
  • StandBy widget: add the clock to your iPhone StandBy screen, new in iOS 17
  • Circular and classic (rectangular) layout of the clock hands
  • An option to highlight the relevant clock hands for easier reading of the time
  • Haptic feedback

Don’t expect it to be an exact clock. Just play around with the clock hands and have fun or add it to your home screen as a stylish widget.

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