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MUSIC ∙ 2010


Control music playback without taking the iPhone or iPod out of your pocket. Just gently hit on the pocket to skip tracks.

  • Hit twice: skip to next track.
  • Hit three times: skip to previous track.

It works great in any pocket or bag, no matter if you are walking or running. Just adjust the sensitivity slider to suit the level of body activity.

  • Plays music from iTunes library.
  • Music continues to play when app is closed.
  • hit2skip app must be active to enable the ‘hit’ gestures.

NOTE: Due to current policy of Apple the device may not be locked for this app to work properly. hit2skip requires the accelerometer. Locking the device disables the accelerometer.

Do not hit too hard. Hitting the device hard may lead to injuries and/or damage of the device.

This app has been discontinued and is no longer available in the App Store.
You can still tell me why you need it.

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